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Best to start

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Hi! Please,looking for an advise- when is the most suitable time to start the method? Baby is 2 months old now. I was thinking about 4 months to start. Is it ok or too early?
I did method with my 1st child at 5.5 month.
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Re: Best to start

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Hello and welcome!

I'm so sorry you had to wait for an answer, I usually get notifications when there are new posts but this one must have passed me by. :(

So the book "For the Love of Children" starts from day one! If you follow that you can start NOW. :D

The "cure" it's self is as you say from about 4 months when you start giving solid food and they can sleep for 12 hours without food. ... 9197773621
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:heart: BB barn från början. Sov sin första 12h natt 5 dagar före 4 mån, Diplomerad SS vid 6 mån

:heart: FTLOC child from the beginning. Slept his first 12 hour night 5 days before 4 months. :heart:
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