about to start the cure.for 10 month old

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about to start the cure.for 10 month old

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we have a 10 month old baby and we are about to start the cure (still reading the book). before doing so though I had some questions. we are quite "lucky" as we have some nights where he wakes up only once, this is always at 2 am in the morning. if we are lucky, a little bottle of 120ml is sufficient to put him back to sleep until 7-8am. if we are unlucky, he is awake for 1-1.30 before falling back to sleep.

our baby naps quite well during the day but he has a different schedule at daycare and home (I need to align this). he is not a good eater though. at home he usually eats both his vegetable and fruit puree, but small portions and its often a fight (i have to distract him with a piece of bread or a toy). At daycare he does not want to eat his vegetables at all, his fruit is no problem. i suspect it is too early for him.

at night he sometimes wake up screaming as if he is having a nightmare. I cant calm him down unless I take him out and with a little light sees me and calms down.

I know I should try to break down the habbit wake and I should stop the bottle (as it is a bad sleep association) but given that he eats so little during the day, i feel he is hungry at night. is it possible he still needs a feed?

besides this, could he be having nightterrors and if so how can you deal with these?

thank you in advance for your help!
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Re: about to start the cure.for 10 month old

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Hi there,
and welcome.

A few things first to put your mind at ease.

- If a baby gets food at night, there is no reason for them to eat lots in the daytime.
- A 10 months old can def sleep through the night (12h), given the right conditions during the day.
- It is def not to early for any type of food, a 10 month old can eat anything, and it does not need to be pureed.
- The waking up for food at night will be "cured" with the cure, you dont eat at night, the only option if you wake up is to fall back asleep, this is what you are teaching him in the cure, to fall asleep on his own
- Last one: and this is tough to hear for parents, but the behavior of our kids are learnt behavior from us parents...so the fact that he gets attention at night, food at night, being picked up at night etc means that is what he expects upon waking up..... but the cure will change all of that

The first thing you need to do is finish reading the book, and read it a couple of times....for real.
.....you will notice that there is more to the cure than just focusing on the sleep. Its a concept that includes the day as well. So how you behave and what you put focus on during the day will effect your result in the night trying to get baby to sleep.

Second thing is putting together a schedule with the right amount of sleep both day and night.
A 10 month old should have a 12 h night and 2 naps (one for 45 min and one for 1.5 hours). Now you put together a schedule, post it and we can help adjust if needed. Put sleep-times and eat times int there, and tell us what you feed him. There are lots of examples on the forum so have a look and make one for you.

The third big thing is to focus on the DAYTIME:
- Lots of physical activity (if he is walking he should go for walks and get really tired, if crawling exploring outside ie not sitting in a pram)
- Being outside at least twice a day
- Social activity ie being involved in the activities of the family
- 4 big meals spread out over the day, and a night cap before bed (formula or yogurt or porridge or banana etc)
- No snacking in between
- No other sleeping than whats on the schedule, no cat naps in cars or prams etc
- Dark and cool room/crib for sleeping
- Maybe some soft sleep music in the background in daytime naps

But as you can see its the activities during the DAY that sets you up for a good night sleep. So put focus there first while you finish reading the book prepping for the cure.

So last one: night terrors..... well, big subject. My definition of that is that baby seems to be not aware of waking up, so almost in a dream like state which is why they are so hard to "reach" and often need waking up. In my experience though going in and waking up often makes it worse, noise and ruckus outside the door usually does the trick for a baby who is um-familiar with the jingle.
I would recommend reading about the 8 month anxiety in "For the love of children", for me this is likelier the reason for the nightly wake-ups and the sadness. Why dont you read about that first and give me your thoughts......

Lots for you to do. :)

hugs Tin :heart:
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