About to cure my baby

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Re: About to cure my baby

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Sleepymomma skrev: lör 26 sep 2020, 09:02 One more question about changing the schedule: is it better to do the change all at once or better to change by 15 min at a time in the course of a few days?
You will do it ALL at once! But not until 1 week with the naps and sleeptimes.
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Re: About to cure my baby

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Thanks for your reply!
We are actually on day 16 of the cure (started 11.09), so I'll go ahead and update the nap times according to your schedule suggestion then.
Unless you made a typo and also meant 16 but that we should still give it another week...? :think:
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Re: About to cure my baby

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no typos. We recommend while doing the cure that you give everything 2 weeks before you make additional changes. So if you are on day 16m go ahead. As always with changes, baby may protest/ask questions (cry) just stay on course and and give reassuring answers (jingles) that yes indeed mummy knows best.

hugs Tin :heart:
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