waking a bit too early, and problems with naps

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waking a bit too early, and problems with naps

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Hello There!

So far (three and a half weeks into cure) we have had great success with the nighttime routine, but we’ve experienced the following two problems on the method, which mean that he typically only gets about 12 hours 15 mins/30 mins per day instead of 14 hours, and we were wondering whether a solution might to be remove the morning nap and just keep the a midday nap (but extend to 2 hours):

Firstly, although he occasionally sleeps through to 7am (the 12 hours), what is much more typical is that he wakes up at times between about 5.50am and 6.45am. We don’t know what to do about this – when he wakes up too early like this, we usually jingle (tends to be every 5 mins!) until we get to 7am, then go in to wake him (although unfortunately by then he is pretty unhappy). Occasionally we go in and buff him if he’s really unhappy. We’ve also tried changing his nappy (in the dark, while he’s still lying) to see whether that helps. But we get the feeling that if he wakes up after about 5.50am or 6am, basically he’s not tired anymore and nothing will help him to sleep again.

Secondly, we’ve only had limited success getting him to sleep in his day naps. At first we tried rocking him in his pram indoors – but he was sobbing inconsolably. So then we took him for his day naps outside in the pram. Again, we tried rocking him, but although we got him to sleep this way on one occasion (after about 5 mins), the other times we rocked him we failed to get any results (even after 30 mins!), so now we just take him out in the pram in his nap times, and he eventually falls asleep between 15 mins and 50 mins after the official start time of his nap. He usually gets only about 30mins of his 45 min morning nap, and about 45 mins of his 1h30mins midday nap.

If anyone can offer any suggestions here we’d be really grateful! Ideally it would be perfect if would sleep to 7am, and also if he could take his day naps indoors – or at least if he would sleep the full period of his day naps. Except for the rare occasion when he stays awake throughout a whole nap, he doesn't seem at all tired. Here is his current schedule:

7.00-7.20 feeding ONE (breast feed)
7.20-7.45 get dressed (and morning games in bed)
7.45-9.30 at nursery
9.30-10.15 first nap
10.15-10.45 feeding TWO (lunch feed)
10.45-12.30 free time
12.30– 2.00 second nap
2.00-2.30 feeding THREE (afternoon feed)
2.30-5.30 free time
5.30-6.00 feeding FOUR (dinner feed)
6.00-7.00 fun and games – BEDTIME LAUGH - and top up (breast) feed before bed
7.00 down for the night

Many thanks in advance!

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Re: waking a bit too early, and problems with naps

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Hi David!
Firstly, I'm sorry you haven't had a reply sooner. Maybe it's best that you update me? How are the nights and naps going, and how old is he exactly?

Early waking is very common. Usually the more we tend to do the more we disturb, so I would be wary of nappy changes and jingling too frequently. The room needs to be pitch black and as long as you don't provide any entertainment or stimulation before 7am he will eventually sleep through, have faith! Making sure he is completely full every feed is also essential.

If problems persist eg he's continuously waking 6.30 instead of 7 I would consider adjusting his schedule, they do have preferences and for my youngest I find 18.30-6.30 works best to get a full night, have tried to change her to 7 but not successfully. If he wakes 5 then of course this is no solution and it's more a question of darkness, reassurance that it's still nighttime etc.

Do let me know how you are getting on and I can try to help with some relevant advice :heart:
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