11 months and only 1 day-nap ?

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Sonja Gürtler
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11 months and only 1 day-nap ?

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Hi there,
we made the sleeping cure 2,5 months ago and it went quite well. Marie adjusted well to the scedule and was sleeping 14 hours. Now it seems that she maybe needs a change in routine or some reduction of the total sleeping time. Therefore I kindly ask your advise.
Usually she sleeps 11 hours at night and has 2 day naps each 1,5 hours. About a week ago, she started to protest badly at one of her day naps, once she was in bed. Many times she protests 45 minutes and then falls asleep, sometimes she doesn´t sleep at all and protests 1,5 hours.
Can you please let me know if this is still the right scedule for her or I can already reduce to only 1 day-nap or reduce the day-nap duration to 1 hour each ?

many many thanks
kind regards,
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Hi there! :D

At 11 months, she probably only needs a short nap in the morning, and a longer nap at lunch. How about 11h night, 20 mins morning nap and 2-2,5h lunch nap? Alternatively, you can put her to bed a little earlier at night to get 11,5h night, 20 mins morning nap and 1,5-2h lunch nap; it's up to your preferences, really! :D

At about 12-14 months, the morning nap can go away altogether and you'll end up with a 13,5h sleep schedule that you can keep until she turns two! 8)
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Saw that you'd already gotten great advice!
Seems like you're doing great, keep up the good work :thumbsup:
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