Curing baby number two

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Curing baby number two

Inlägg av Gen.Pe » tor 01 okt 2020, 20:04

Hi! Loved this method the first time around with my eldest son. Going to do the same with supreme confidence with my 5 month old.

Having trouble with his schedule and when the place what.
Keep in mind we are breastfeeding sometimes every 2,3, or 6ish hours. He wakes often after going down for the night and usually around 930 pm he wakes with burps and won’t go to sleep for over an hour.

His current schedule:

Night is between 8-830pm
I breastfeed him (side nursing in my bed- he currently sleeps in a bassinet beside my bed. But does have his own room and crib we will use for cure) at 6/7am and get up for the day myself.
He sleeps until 9/930am
Feed him breast milk <BM> around 10/1030am
Naps around 12-1pm sometimes for 20 min sometimes for 1-1.5 hours. Of course he best sleeps right next to me so sometimes I’ll nap with him.
Feed BM around 2pm
Play (with brother, go in jolly jumper do tummy time) around 230/3
Feed purée and BM around 4-5
Nap around 430pm for 20 min usually
Play (outside, in stroller)
Feed oatmeal around 7/730
Bath right after that
Top up BM after bath around 745/8pm
Down for the night (but not for long :doh: )

*important things to note
-I’d like him to be up AFTER his older brother (who wakes around 730am) because I can get breakfast together easier
-id like to have his first nap out of the way by 930/10am so we can go do things
-id like his longest nap to be in unison with his older brothers (1230-230pm)
-we always play outside (whether permitting, were in Canada) after supper, around 6pm so I don’t want to be stuck in the house because of the little ones schedule
-I do like the oatmeal, then bath, then top up with breast milk as I find he eats better that way but perhaps you have a better solution?

How should his schedule be for the cure?
Thanks in advance!! :P
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Re: Curing baby number two

Inlägg av TorsMamma » sön 04 okt 2020, 21:28


So I will do something we actually NEVER do. I will create a schedule for you. ;) However, You need to put more food in there.

Also, there is no way you can have him wake up after 7.30 to have the naps like you want them. :naughty:

So here is a rough draft for you. The guidelines are 5+6 months old 12+45+1,5+45 = 15 hours sleep/24 hours.

Night 19.30-07.30 = 12 hours
07.30 AM Wake up and breast feed.
07.50 Breakfast with brother (same as brother? but no salt)
09.00-09.45 AM nap
11.30 Lunch (real food) top off with BM directly after
12.30-14.00 long midday nap (can be 2 hours but then last nap is 20 min)
15.00 Snack and BM
16.00-16.45 PM nap (if long nap is 2 hours this will only be 20 min)
18.00 Dinner/Supper Family time for all eating together.
19.00 Bathtime and top off with with late snack BM/porrige or what ever
19.20 Laughter
19.30 Bedtime

Now, if you are to do the cure you need to fix the bed with both sides up and do the buffing and NO MORE FOOD during the night.
You need to re-read the GNS book another 5 times before you decide to do the cure again. I know that many times the parents "think" they know and that things will be like the last time and you only have great memories. right? ;)

Also, please remember we like them to be outside in the AM and PM 1 hour each. And naptime or sitting still in carrige don't count.

Please have a look and come back how you will have the schedule with the guidelines given above. :)
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