About to start GNS cure for 4 month old

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Re: About to start GNS cure for 4 month old

Inlägg av TorsMamma » ons 15 maj 2019, 23:51


I must say that Tin actually gives you a great explanation of the sleep question. It is VERY common that we recommend MORE sleep. Directly translated we say in Swedish "sleep gives more sleep".
Many parents say their child wakes up more early and more early and more early. And cuts down on sleep, and the child keeps waking up even more early and so on. By the time their child should have let's say 13,5 hours sleep/day they have cut down to 11 or 12 hours and their child still don't sleep any better... So at this point, we would say add another 30 min so the night becomes 12,5 hours and guess what? It works!
If all the basic needs are met in food, social activity, physical activity, the laughter they will sleep. Try to consider that Annas babies had more than 1 hour extra than the recommended sleep hours we have in the books or in the forum.
So usually when sleep is an issue, we say donät forget the laughter, the food, the physical activity and more. Usually way faster than we recommend cutting sleep down.
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